A Return To Our Ancestral Diet

Africa is considered the birthplace of humans, their genome has been finely tuned to withstand the ages…on the continent of Africa. Africans have not been in the US long enough for beneficial evolution to take place.

African Americans (US-born) have the highest rates of obesity, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and end-stage kidney disease – and are more likely to have it at an earlier age with more complications and lower survival rates than any other population groups. While socio-economics has played a role, poor health outcomes persist even among wealthier African Americans compared to whites.

For instance, black women with advanced degrees have higher pre-term and low-birth-weight babies as well as infant and maternal death than white women with just a high school education.

Researchers speculate discrimination and daily microaggressions increase stress, a potent risk factor for poor health outcomes. So why do African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants have more favorable health outcomes than their African American counterparts despite having a similar genome?

Preliminary research presented at the 2020 American Heart Association Scientific Session showed stark differences in health between African American and African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants. African immigrants had the lowest rate of high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity compared to African Americans and whites. Afro-Caribbean populations had the second-lowest rates. Lack of access to health care is often cited as a reason for poor health outcomes yet African immigrants are least likely to have health insurance. Since black people in the US share a similar genome, and we can assume they experience the same racial discrimination, the difference must be cultural. In my field of dietetics, it is a well-known phenomenon when people move to the United States their weight increases and so do all of the risk factors for

chronic disease.

Join Today and start your journey with The Smart Eater Program as we learn how to return to our Ancestral Diet.

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